Nanite mesh - fade out

Hey there,
Does anyone know if there is a way to make Nanite meshes “fade” out.
I have camera clipping issues that I would like to solve with fading the geometry out but this doesn’t seem to be working with Nanite.

I hope this isn’t another case of “cannot do with nanite”.
Note: I don’t mind if there is a “hacky” way to achieve it as long as it doesn’t involve not using Nanite LOL

At the moment I dont think its possible via material. You could try moving things out of the way with a blueprint I guess.

A little late but if you’re using UE 5.1, you can make the material use the “Masked” blend mode and enable “Dither Opacity Mask” on it. Now if you mess with the Opacity Mask input, the fading will happen more smoothly rather than just being a on/off switch.

By using dynamic material instances, you’ll be able to fade your static mesh via blueprints

Edit: “Dither Opacity Mask” don’t work with nanite meshes for some reason, use the “Dither Temporal AA” node and hook it up with your opacity mask value

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