Name of component affecting visibility?

I had a very odd bug today, where it seems the name of the component affects whether it is visible in the details panel when selecting it in the editor. Check out the code.

Is this expected behavior?

// The name of the component dictates whether you can see its details?

class AMyCameraRig : public AActor

	// Selecting this component shows its details
	UPROPERTY( VisibleAnywhere )
	class UChildActorComponent* RightCameraActorComp = nullptr;

	// Selecting this component shows no details in the details panel.
	UPROPERTY( VisibleAnywhere )
	class UChildActorComponent* RightCameraActorComponent = nullptr;


AMyCameraRig::AMyCameraRig(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer) :
	PrimaryActorTick.bCanEverTick = true;
	USceneComponent* const TranslationComp = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<USceneComponent>( this, TEXT( "RootComponent" ) );
	TranslationComp->Mobility = EComponentMobility::Movable;
	RootComponent = TranslationComp;

	RightCameraActorComp = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<UChildActorComponent>( this, TEXT( "RightCamera" ) );
	RightCameraActorComp->SetupAttachment( RootComponent );

	RightCameraActorComponent = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<UChildActorComponent>( this, TEXT( "RightComp" ) );
	RightCameraActorComponent->SetupAttachment( RootComponent );