"name may not contain the following characters" error when creating landscape layer info object

Hello everyone,

The problem is in the title. Only other thing I’d have to add is that the problem occurs with photoshop-modified .raw files, those coming straight out of world machine can be processed without any trouble. The issue occurs irrespective of the file’s name, it can be something as simple as “ground” or “0”. Is there something wrong with the way photoshop saves or edits them or something? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue right now. Did you figure it out? Or can someone lend a hand? I’d be much appreciated ^_^.


Yes, I answered my own question back then, but they deleted it for some reason. Basically, I was actually using some unsupported characters in the name, like maybe a semicolon or a hyphen or an extra space as the first character, so check carefully whether your name indeed contains none of those.

hola a todos yo tenia el mismo problema la solución esta en que no debe de tener ningún espacio todo el nombre debe de ir unido…!!

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Dont do space or any special character in layer name like
It should be
Dry grass
Solved this issue

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