Mysterious Hard Edges

Hello all. I’ve got an odd problem.

So I’ve made a kitchen counter in Maya 2016 and imported it over to Unreal 4. It has a flat, top face and roundish edges. Everything is UV’d correctly. The edges are hardened at the UV seams, softened everywhere else. I have a material in Unreal 4 that I’m using with a tileable texture. This material has no normal. The counter uses no normal.

In the bottom corner, along the counter’s top face, there are mysterious hard edges. There are no edges in the base mesh where these mystery edges are located. I’ll provide screenshots of the problem area and the base mesh.

I have a feeling that it may be the rendering of dynamic reflections inside Unreal, but it still artifacts in a pattern somewhat similar to the mesh flow.

I have tried:

  1. Using a different material.
  2. Re-UVing it.
  3. Unlocking normals, harden/soften edges again.
  4. Exporting as an FBX and OBJ