My water reflections flip upside down when capturing Matinee movie as legacy tool in U4.12.5

Hi everyone,

So here is a really weird issue …
I played around with my refracting and opacity settings in my water shader and the reflections work and they are right side up as they should be.
HOWEVER I am capturing a Matinee movie and exporting as PNG image sequence.
In the Matinee camera suddenly the reflections are now flipped the wrong way around.
I did start this project in 10 and now in 12, upgraded as new version were released.
Matinee now wants to work in “legacy mode”.
So I choose yes.
So not sure if that is causing the problem.
Everything looks fine in the viewer until I hit capture movie …
… Then also after I hit capture movie the image of the water in the viewport changes.
That is also weird.
Anyone with any idea how to fix this?
Thank you !! :slight_smile:

So found workaround for the problem by multiplying the blue channel of the normal map twice more than I should and getting rid of refraction.
No idea why the reflections now suddenly looks right but it works :slight_smile:

Its not the Matinee camera that is the issue.
Its something in the Fresnel / Depth fade and refraction values that make the reflections jump the wrong side up.
I played around with all those settings making them less and more but couldn’t get the reflections to flip vertically like they should.
No idea.
This is a real brain teaser :slight_smile: