My VR project won't preview properly since I updated to 4.12.4


I have updated UE from version 4.12.3 to 4.12.4 and ever since I’ve done this the VR preview won’t work anymore (but was working fine with the older version). Nothing has changed in the project, so it must have something to do with that update.
I’m using the HTC Vive on Win10.
With the new version the HMD just shows a red screen and the preview window, which replicates what the HMD shows, is minimized and I’m unable to make it show (it was showing in the old version without problems), so I’d assume that problem is related.
Anybody else has this problem or even a solution for this issue ? Or alternatively is there a way to downgrad to 4.12.3 again ? It really is a showstopper for me as currently I can not test anything VR related… :frowning:


oh and as a side-note: when manually activating the “Compositor”-window I can actually see an image in the HMD, but instead of 2 rendered images only 1 is rendered, so each eye gets half the image rendering it completely useless… never seen that with the previous version.

Same problem here. Did you get it to work?

I’ve got the same issue. Anyone, have any advise on this issue?