My VR progress

Hi all,

I’ve started a online journal where i will keep a record of my developments. I’m currently using ue4 to create a 3d electrical substation to educate about high voltage grid components in a VR surrounding.

Have a look at

Feedback, support, ideas always welcome


a short impression

Well done! This looks like a great educational tool for someone working in that field.

You mention that it is best viewed using cardboard. How did you get UE4 working with Google Cardboard, did you use a 3rd party solution…?

Hi i just recorded the rift in VR mode as video. Which if viewed with cardboard looks fine and gives you some 3d. You however not in the driving seat. I did manage to get the beenoculus template for android sort of working on but it still needs some work to get packaged

Great news, official Google Cardboard support seems to be coming to the engine!

See here:

It looks like the existence of a new “AndroidVR” (Google Cardboard) plugin was leaked in the breakdown of the latest 4.12 Preview 3 release notes.

This note has since been pulled.

It is slated that the Google Cardboard SDK will be relaunched as AndroidVR this coming Google IO.

From the looks of it, AndroidVR looks to be a collaboration of sort between Epic Games and Google.