My UE5-0 Directional Light is too small and not real ,please tell me how to fix it thanks


Maybe you should to click the direction light in world outliner, and go to the details panel, let the transform to the default location, it should be X=0,Y=0,Z=0.And check out the “Scale”, you can change the scale. :thinking:

In the Direction Light’s details, adjust the Source Angle to alter the size of the sun


thanks,but I tried 100 times,it’s not useful

thanks,it’s not useful

Have you tried creating a sky atmosphere and go into the details of the sky light, then scroll or search for “Used As Atmosphere Sun Light” If this does not work, I’ll check back in later and I’ll have to see try and get a small sun like you so that I can try and fix it. :+1:


The same thing happens to me, is there a solution finally?