I need help please!
First, i have a RTX2080 Super Max Q, GPU drivers updated, Windows 10 updated and DIrectX12.When i launch the software it works perfectly, but if i want to enable Raytracing, the software needs to restart.
It is in that process of (restarting) when the software doesn’t launch. The software starts loading but when arrives at 39% it freezes, and i can’t understand what’s worng.

If you are activating the raytracing to an existing project and have a default map loaded at UE4’s startup, an asset may make UE4 crash.
You will need to disable the map “EditorStartupMap” in your project DefaultEngine.ini
Unreal should start after this.
After you will need to find which asset is making the crash happen.

For me, it was one static mesh used by a Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh.
This mesh was modified inside unreal 4.25 with the static mesh editor. I have reimported the original mesh and unreal is not crashing anymore.

Another option is to deactivate your plugins (in the file .uproject) and reactivate them one by one. I just had an issue with the plugin GPU lightmass. When it’s activated I have a crash at startup.