My textures do not load on the 3d model?

For unreal you will need to import the textures and make a simple material too. Then apply the material on the model.

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I recently bought a 3d model from cgtrader and it looked all amazing and beautiful. Animation seems to work but when I load the model into blender or unreal engine the textures do not load with them. Just a naked grey model? With the download, there is a file which contains the textures. I tried a lot of things with uv mapping in blender but I’m having problems with attaching the textures to it. It seems that the model itself never had mapping? And if I create it myself I’m not sure how to attach the textures to it?

Can somebody help me out, please?

Thank you so much in advance!

Thank you for your reply. I know this kinda simple way of doing it, but the thing is that the model is complex and it has a lot of different textures. In unreal it has only one material slot. But in the texture file it has like 6/7 images which seem to be an unwrapped layout image.

I think I already have the uv map in the file. But how to attach them to the model No Idea…

materials and textures are not the same thing. a single material can be made up of many textures that are combined to create the material. if you bought the model then its likely that it was previously uv unwrapped. so you will just need to take the textures and setup the material. tell us what kind of files you received (file type obj, fbx, png), the textures you got, and a link to where you bought the model and we may be able to help you.