My Textures Brighten When Added to Material Editor

A bit of an odd problem here. Using 1.9.1 for the first time (I don’t usually use versions this up to date due to bugs like this) But my textures go an odd bright colour when added to the material editor.

The textures are bitmaps exported out of Substance Designer. This is the first time I have used Designer to create textures and add them to Ue4.

I have a LOT of textures from designer and they all suffer this problem. There is a lot to go back and change, so I am hoping this is just a simple in-engine setting.

Normal Maps also seem to be affected, it is unclear with the other maps.

Any clues? Is this a version bug? Or has it been around for a while, if so, how would I go about fixing this?

Are you importing these via the Substance plugin?
If not, one thing you can check is that your texture maps are using the correct compression and sRGB settings. Just double-click any texture asset and check here:

Normally you should have:

  • Diffuse/Albedo/Color textures set to Default compression and sRGB enabled.
  • Channel-packed textures set to Masks compression and sRGB disabled.
  • Normal maps set to DXT5 and sRGB disabled.

Hello duderseb, thanks for the reply.

I looked into it an unfortunately it doesn’t yield the results I am looking for. As you can see from this screenshot, if I tick the box, it actually makes the texture in the preview look washed out and wrong (Just like it looked when I drag it into the material preview, but now also in the texture preview after double clicking).

So sadly the problem doesn’t go away. It just seems to cause the issue to occur one step back.

I am exporting my textures out of substance as bitmaps, and using those.
The .sbar files in the plugin dont seem to work as intended, so I had to abandon those.

Do you have any other ideas why this may happen?


Could be the export file format out of Designer… are you using .tga?

Substance exported them out as PNG I think.

Is .tga advised?

The .png might have had some compression which would cause this. So yes, try .tga and let’s see if it fixes this.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the Delayed response, it’s been a busy week. I will be sure to try this out within the next few days and let you know how it goes (: Thanks again.

Just tried it. Works perfectly. Thank you so much.
If you could post your solution into a new answer I will mark it as accepted (:

Great! Will do :relaxed:

Saving as .png might have had some compression which would cause this when the engine re-compresses it. So yes, try uncompressed .TGA and let’s see if it fixes this.