My textures aren't looking good. Need some help?

I’m learning how to create and import custom meshes to UE4. I created this Road mesh in Blender, uv mapped it and created the textures on Photoshop. The texture size is 1024x1024. However, after importing and applying the material to the mesh it looks terrible.

Texture File:

The Ashpalt texture is taken from the internet and I simply clone stamped it all over a new 4096x4096 canvas. I then selected everything and copied it to the UVMap Image. It is then resized to fit the UVMap.

Any tips to make it look better? Thanks

Currently you are wasting a lot of texture space for no reason. What you can do is spread the UV of the road plane to the whole UV space and use asphalt and road line textures separately. Then even 2048 texture resolution will give you a good result. Here’s an example:


And here’s how it looks even if you put your face in it:


You’ll just need to blend those two textures with a mask for the lines using a Lerp node and adjust the tiling of the asphalt to prevent any stretching problems caused by the UV layout. You can also add random variations using a noise map to blend two colors(or textures) for the asphalt.

I can identify several problems at first glance.

  • you’re not using tileable materials or textures
  • UV layout of mesh is bad
  • texel resolution is bad

what I would do for this, is create a tileable asphalt texture that I would then use to make a tileable asphalt material in UE4. the whole point is so you can tile it enough so that it holds up even when the player is standing on the ground in first person view and crouching close to it; you want the material to hold up in such a case (yours does not)

when laying out your UV’s in blender or whatever, make sure to use the maximum amount of space possible (that’s exactly what you’re NOT doing). your UV’s are taking up about half of your UV space, which means that even though you think you’re working at 1024, you are actually working at around 512 (you’re literally using only half of your 1024 space; which is 512- make sense?).

finally, your texel density is really bad right now. look at the size of your character and the size of the floor piece beneath em- notice anything wrong? your material will never hold up if you have a mesh that large with a 1k texture that doesn’t tile at all- will never work.

one last thing I would do, is use an object size mask for the stripes, or you can use decals (a mask would be more practical though).