My textures are being displayed in a very low resolution

The render with the sky is the one in UE4, the one with the ■■■■ lighting is a quick out right out of max.

I have no idea why it’s being displayed at such a low resolution. Same goes for all my of other objects.

One unrelated question, how would I put in a height map on the mesh?

Both are low res, but the one in Unreal seams to be set to filter using nearest neighbor. If you double click your texture in Unreal expand the texture tab and its sub tab with the little white arrow at the bottom. at the bottom of the sub tab you will find “Filter”. Set this to “default (from texture group)”. If this is already the case make sure your texture group (Level of Detail tab, at the top) is set to “World”, or maybe “Character” if it is for a character.

Make sure your textures are always a power of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc…) and it generates mip maps.

Ah alright. Though I did texture this in 4k. Well, there is only one 4k map on that model. Is the results I’m seeing in substance supposed to be different from the ones I’m seeing from my renders?

It’s supposed to be the about same. I would really check your uv’s if I were you, because this does not look great for 4k.

Huh. weird.

Well, Just for reference, this is an inefficient unwrap then?

I’ll do better next time.