My texture is gone after importing .obj file in UE 4


I made a wooden fence model using Blender, here is the result that I have :


But when I import it the texture is not applied to my model. It is brown though …

The wood texture seems to have been imported with other materials in the Content / First Person Project folder.

What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance.

First open the texture and see if its Compression Setting is set to Default. Then open up the fence static mesh and see if it has those materials applied to it(btw,that mesh doesnt need 3 material ID’s in my opinion so you may want to fix that in Blender)

Well, did you place it on a material?
Because you need a material that you place the texture in and then you have to assign that material to your object.
And how did you do the unwrapping?
I am using Cinema 4D so i might miss something Blender-specific.