my shadow low quality :'(

Hi, first I’m rookie and my English is not good. Apologies for any incorrect on my conversation. I want to lean UNREAL ENGINE because this program is very good, Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Before build light *

  • After build light *

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You’re going to have to find a different image hosting site or use the forum upload feature, the images don’t show

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The lightmap resolution on the ground is too low

how many the lightmap resolution, change in landscape or object

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On the landscape it’s here. Default is 1, it’s very low. Try 5-15. Increase build time quite a lot over 10 I find.


On a static mesh it’s here. Must be a power of 2, 64/128/256/1024… 2048 is pretty much the max you want. It will increase build time big time. Use it only on huge meshes.


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I have a question 0/

if I build light after insert on my project every time , or build light when my project has success
What is better?

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If the object receiving shadows is a BSP object, you should make the resolution number small (like 4 or so) to make shadows good.
If the object receiving shadows is a mesh or landscape object, you should make the resolution number large (like 512 or so for meshes; 10-20 for landscapes) to make shadows good.


I use 64 is nothing but I’ll use 512 on the cube object.

When I make the resolution 512 on cube object

if I need the better of shadow, I need to increase the Light resolution to 1024 … 2048 Am I doing it right ?

Is there anyone who is convenient to help me directly ? I don’t want to interrupt everybody else on here.
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Try 2048, if it’s not better the cube is too big for 1 lightmap. You could detach the top polygon and assign it it’s own lightmap.

Try to use “Use area shadow” toggle for the light.

Do not use a cube for that ground as you are wasting 5 extra sides that are getting the same resolution as the visible part of the ground. Always use plane meshes for that.

ie if you specified 512x512, your visible res on the top part of the cube is probably less than 1/3 that. So you are likely seeing more like a 160x160 or so.