My progect. Work in progress

Hello everyone. My name is Mikhail. At the end of last year, I decided to start creating my new project. After a long time of planning and creating the project structure, I would like to share my first result of my work with you all. This is the first level - the main menu (main menu layout). I have done the following: graphics settings, sound settings, keybinding settings, creating and deleting a character. I also created a logic for saving all settings and current characters. If anyone is interested, I can explain how any of this was done. And if I write with errors, then sorry, my English is not so good.

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Good job.

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llYuell, many thanks!

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Hello everybody. I posted my first results of my work more than two months ago. And now I would like to show all of you the latest results of my work.
I created:
-the logic of loading the selected character on the map
-logics for the minimap

Hello everyone. It’s been four months since I posted my last results. And now I want to show what has been done during this time. I decided to distract myself from creating logic and start creating the assets I needed. Namely, I modeled and textured almost two hundred models of armor and weapons, and the most difficult thing was adjusting these items to my character and creating new animations with them. And already in the last weeks I started working on the starting level, namely the logic for the level, modeling and texturing of objects for this level, working with splines and so on.

it’s looking great, this is single or multiplayer?

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Anonymous_3e294a7cee6df032dfe228a4aa815a50, Thank you so mush! It"ll be a single player game.

Hey Shornik3D!

The design you used for the chest piece is breathtaking. The texture, fabric, and “cleanliness” of it is just so perfect. You have a great intuition for creation and I can’t wait to see more!

Sending lots of support and well wishes! :sunglasses: :raised_hands:

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PresumptivePanda, Thank you very much for your kind words and for your support, I really appreciate it! :handshake:

nice texture… looking forward how this is going

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rikirisn, thank you!

Hello everyone. I want to show and write about the results of work over the past months. The following has been done:

  1. the inventory and storage logic has been completed.
  2. A unique crafting and shop system was developed and implemented.
  3. the basis of the location of the first level: landscape, buildings, water, post-process, lighting, some static objects, doors, transition to another level.
  4. A unique system of skills and characteristics of the character was developed.
  5. The design of the user interface was created - all the textures for it were created. Most of the time was spent creating almost 300 icons of skills and characteristics of the character.
  6. Created about 50 special items and icons for them.
  7. I also started working on the combat system. At the moment, archery has been created.
  8. Two models of enemies were created plus textures and animations for them.

My future plans:

  1. make logic for artificial intelligence.
  2. complete the combat system.
  3. make basic skills - logic and visual effects.
    Below are a few screenshots of my work, they certainly show a small part of the work described above, but I want to show all the main things when the project will be at the alpha-beta version.


Hellow everyone. I want to tell you about what I have done in the last three months in my project.

  1. The visual part of the user interface is completely finished.
  2. A part of the logic for the implementation of skills was made.
  3. Animations and particle systems were made for 17 skills (at the moment the total number of skills is about 200, there will be a lot of work)
  4. Made logic for adding skills to the quick bar panel.
  5. Other adjustments
    Below are a couple of videos and some screenshots

Hi all. It has been quite a while since I posted my last post, and now I want to share with you what has been done in the meantime. The main thing I want to share is that the presentation of the first level with all the main mechanics is already ready.
Below is a detailed list of what has been done.

  1. Fully developed combat system - archery and hand-to-hand combat, including complex mathematical calculations taking into account equipment bonuses, bonuses to characteristics and skills, enemy resistance, special attack chances, long-term damage, etc.
  2. Skill trees have been improved and about 30 skills have already been animated and special effects have been made for them and they can be used in the game (there will be about 400 skills in total).
  3. The user interface is almost ready, including the visual part and the software part: skill tree, settings panel, inventory, workshop, minimap, large map, health bars, statistics panel, storage.
  4. Added interaction objects: barrels, doors, traps
  5. Completed item drop system
  6. Almost completed the first underground level and post-processing
    Now I want to start looking for an investor. At the same time, I need to start a lot of work with levels and with a lot of models and textures.

Work on the city of the first main location. Modeling and texturing of environment objects.
#rekeshgaal #blender3d #3dart #substancedesigner #indiegame

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Work continues on the city of the first main location. Modeling and texturing of buildings, city walls, bridges.
#rekeshgaal #blender3d #indiedevelopment #indiegames

Rekesh Gaal. Gameplay

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Since last year, I have been slowly working on the creation of a set of weapons and now this set has been added to the project. It includes 120 different types of weapons and shields, in addition to the 120 added earlier, a total of 240 weapons have been made so far. The screenshots show several new items.

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In the process of a lot of work on crafting mechanics, I decided to fix the combat mechanics. Namely, the slope / deviation of the character and enemies was implemented, depending on the height at which the enemy is located.

Haven’t posted anything new in a while. I want to show you what I’m working on right now. All the main mechanics are done and it’s time to work on the visual part of my first underground level. I decided to start by creating a procedural generation for the level. There will be many similar levels in the future, so this will be very useful. On the video the beginning of the assembly.