My physics constraints won't lock position properly

Im trying to set up a vr slider for a pistol and ideally I want to use a physics constraint. The problem is that when both the constraint components, in my case the pistol and the slider are simulating physics the physics constraint doesn’t exactly behave the way it should. If I use a physics constraint and connect 2 components one simulating and one not simulating and I set the physics constraint to constraint movement, the components will obey the movement limitation no matter how much force is applied. On the other hand if the 2 components that I connect are both simulating like in my case with the pistol and slider, the components will try to obey the constraints but there is some tolerance and the larger the force applied the more the components will disobey the movement limitations. My question is if there is a way to use physics constraints with 2 simulating components and not allow any tolerance like it behaves when one of the constrained components is not simulating?

Here is a video of the issue: - YouTube
I show how it behaves with one component simulating and one not (which is how I want it to behave with both components simulating), I show how it behaves with both components simulating and the projection settings set to 0 linear and 0 angular tolerance and I show how it behaves with default projection settings

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I re uploaded the video that better demonstrates the issue here: Physics constraint issue - YouTube