My photogrammetry sucks!

Hi. I very want to learn to photogrammetry, I want to make models from great things around me including myself. But whenever I do it’s just…not good. Not good at all. A lot of parts of the model are have no textures or have a wrong shape or miss something. I have a good camera and my pc is also very powerful. I am fed up. I see a lot of people on sketchfab having good, neat models and whatever I do the result is just wrong. What am I doing wrong? Please help

What software are you using?

123D, or remake, or recap, or whatever weird name change autodesk prepares to this poor software. They already changed it’s name 3 times?

Software choice doesn’t really matter imo

Software does matter, that program is not designed for professional work, the main photogrammetry program that is used is Agisoft Photoscan.

A lot of people use it and get good results

I have 2 different 3d sense camera, and they record photos to UV while scanning. It isnt hd, or super quality, but only requires retopo, and some texture polishing.
I think it’s easiest thing for beginners. Because you can get a used ipad isense from sites for less than 100$. The handheld which is higher quality is around 2-400$.
They’re only really good for small to medium sized things though. A person would need 4+ scans to look good, but nonetheless it works really good for getting starting.
At first it was taking me 5-6 scans, and hours to piece, and stitch things together. It doesnt take long now though maybe 1 to 2 hours.
The biggest issue I have is with retopology keeping the UV. Because just a head scan can sometimes have 30-300k poly depending on the lighting, and detailed size your trying to get.
Agisoft is excellent, but you need to follow there guidelines for the number of photos, and locations of the photos.
I used autodesk recap trial, and it isn’t that great. Especially for beginners. It’s more problems than it’s worth.

It really isn’t, it’s not nearly as good as Photoscan

The main thing is getting good pictures, I’ve taken 5 different sets of images on one object and got completely different results.

There are many things that will contribute to a poor outcome. Impossible to give good advice without examples of your dataset and the result.

Thanks man, I ll post it one day and hope you will have some time to look at it

Some rules of mine as far as shooting for photogrammetry is concerned:

  • Shoot in RAW if possible. Primarily because Raw images are uncompressed and Software like Photoshop have awesome tools for improving conditions for photogrammetry, such as helping to eliminate highlights and shadows, noise reduction and lens distortion correction.

  • Try in shoot in evenly lit conditions. Like cloudy days.

  • Try and get a 50-80% overlap between images.

Thanks man, how do I shoot in raw?

Depends on your camera. Google raw + your camera name and you should get plenty of results.