My perspective seems broken

Whats happening with my perspective?
After restarting, my project seems broken

But in the top view it looks kinda normal

Even when i create default cube it looks like its normals inverted. I cant even see the hdri backdrop in scene

I have a similar issue in a basic architectural visualization level I’m trying to build. I created a rectangular box room, and applied the sandstone material. The next time I opened the project (in 4.24.2), the room was completely black on the outside, and probably inside though I didn’t check. After a bit, the shader compiling started, at around 7-8,000 or so, and took a while to finish. Then all but one surface was the sandstone material, all in a really basic level setup without even a directional light or point/spot lights.

Try rebuilding lighting, reflection captures, compiling shaders. As for the perspective of the camera in the first picture, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

you probably exporting with the exposure settings from max?
you can either delete additional exposition object from unreal objects list, or export with no exposure control
i struggled with it sometime too
If i understand your problem correctly

Ah, i read you again and maybe i understood you wrong.
Well, it should look like this:

But it looks like all normals was inverted.
Rebuilded all, compiled, verifyed data even, still no result