My on rails shooter testing level

Im making a rail shooter, but sadly still cant show footage, mainly because it is not playable(still fixing ai,cleaning many meshes and trying to buy a budget mocap suit to incorporate) but I could at least show my testing level as its the only thing that is truly working :smiley:

Its a simple level with only 2 characters(just 4 - 5 animations per character) that I use mainly to test paths,animation blending and other game play elements ,so it will never be in the final game, but it can help me to know from you, if you think that I have the mechanics working right or at least in the right direction?

The name is fictional as I needed a quick menu and just placed something on top of it .
Be careful with the sound volume if wearing headphones.

By the way, if you have the option to watch in 2k or 4k, is more desirable as youtube kind of butchered the 1080p quality.

:eek: for a moment i did not even think it was UDK …

Looks AAA.

Love seeing UDK3 still being used to its full potential, I agree with CobaltUDKthis is AAA work. ]( wait to see more of your work!

Man, this is really top work, kicking ■■■■■ really hahaha. It looks like Next Gen House of Dead Remaster hahaha! FANTASTIC WORK!

So you made the Ranking system, copying my idea :D:p:cool:

Congratulations mate, but just one negative point!

You delayed too much to show us your AWESOME talent.


Thank you, thank you everybody for the feedback :smiley: Yeah, as Nidal say, I have been slow but thanks to you all, at least I know now that I am moving in the right direction judging by the positive comments.

By the way, when you kill a zombie, its corpse does float in the water in the editor, but in the coocked packaged game it doesn’t…

For the water I am using a Fluid surface actor movable , when the zombies are killed they are replaced with KAssets, and in order for them to float in the water. I am using a nxgenericforcefieldbrush volume. Looks like the nxgenericforcefieldbrush is not working in a coocked and packaged game?It doesn’t work even if I play the game from frontend before packaging.
Has anyone experienced this?