My obj looks fine but my skeletal looks weird.

The skeletal is the one on the left and the obj is the one on the right. I want the skeletal to look like the obj but I can’t do it. Every time I import it as a skeletal I get that “metallic” material.

if you dont like the material on it then just make another material or modify the one you have. judging from the tiny picture you have a low roughness value and want to be using a higher value so the mesh is more matte in appearance. are both meshes currently using the same material? if so then it could be a smoothing issue in which case you would need to go into your modling program of choice and modify the smoothing groups.

They are exactly the same, although one is imported as obj and other as skeletal.

Ok, so i’ve tweaked all importing options and now it seems solved. Don’t know how, but it is.