My NavMesh needs to get rebuild after I reload a map

Hello everyone
I’m having a pretty anoing issue with saving a navmesh which is allready build.
For example;
I’m rebuilding navigation mesh on my pretty huge world map and it takes about 60 minutes
I disable update navigation automatically so it does not rebuild whole nav mesh everytime I restart my editor.
Then I’m spawning my AI pawn which is following me as it should and there is no problem so far,
but when I save map and restart editor my navMesh does not work properly and my AI is not moving at all.
I have to rebuild whole mesh and wait for about an hour to get desired pawn following me.
Is there any solution for this, so editor does not need to rebuild navigation mesh every time I reload map?

Hey Hal_bregg,

This is a known issue, reported here:

and logged internally as TTP# 343863. I’ve added your notes to bug report for our developers. Thanks for report!

Hi ,
Thanks for help.

Same problem here, even with 4.5.1. Any updates to internal ticket yet?

Not yet, issue is still being looked into.

Hi Antonio,

It looks like this has been fixed internally, though fix still needs testing. It won’t make it into 4.6 at this point, but will likely appear in 4.7.

Hello, .

Maybe in 4.6.0?

This issue stop my game development, i’m wasting my time !!! :frowning:

Can you please show link to this issue, it on github?

I’m very-very-very waiting this fix!

Thank you very-very much for quick answer !!!