My Movie Render Queue is not working in a particular Map that i am working on.Also I tried to migrate the map its not working too. I have a inteli9 processer 32gbRam RTX 2060 super.

When i click the “Render Local” my editor freeze and in few minutes it get crashed.

So yes, your editor will appear to “hang” to windows. (what looks like freezing). By default windows will automatically close programs that appear to be hanging. However there is a solution. I had to do this myself for the movie render queue.

Step 1: The registry Editor. To get to the reg edit, you need to use the software run. Hit the windows key and type run it will come up. Then enter what I did here. This will bring up the reg edit.


Step 2: Navigate to the graphic driver. I will post the path to mine, yours should be the same or very similar.


Step 3: Add / Increase youre TdrDelay, TdrDdiDelay or just turn TdrLevelOff
Your Tdr Delay is what windows uses to determine how long a program is “unresponsive” before it closes it. Do be warned that this could impact other softwares should they hang and windows wants to close them.
If you don’t have the tdr delays as listed above, you will need to add them. Right click in the window and add a DWORD (32 bit) value. I set mine to 1000 in the decimal. I haven’t had this issue again. In the end this is what it should look like:


This should fix it! Hope it helps.