My Metahuman character's head not exporting with the body

Hi everyone,

I created a Metahuman with a face capture done with a Lidar phone. I then imported the character, complete with textures into Unreal Engine (5.0; 5.2) using Quixer Bridge.

Each time I export the fbx only the body is exported. The head is detached from the body. The only way to export the head (face) is as a separate fbx. That is not what I want.

Please how do I export the character whole with the head intact?

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

I solved this problem and posting the answer here in case it’s useful to anybody else in future.

This video is very thorough. It is long, but detailed. Unfortunately, the person doesn’t speak but if you pay attention you’ll see the cursor movements are very deliberate, slow and repeated, because he/she wants you to understand.

Mind you, there are several videos on Youtube on merging, but this is the most thorough.

Good luck