My material does not apply


I made a material with some layers (cobblestone and gravel), but when i apply the material on to my map, it’s rendering the shaders, but then the material is on the map just black, not the cobblestone. Can someone tell me, what I’m doing wrong?

First of all, do you have a light source in your scene so the meshes and material can be lit? When you have no light you can not see anything. You have a sky sphere, but a sky sphere does not need a light source because it is “just” a texture. I would also say that the same is true for atmospheric fog, because maybe you use that and not a sky sphere, I can’t tell.

Did you really apply the material to your mesh? The screenshot you took is cut of so we can not see the details panel, so maybe your mesh does not have the correct material.

Edit: Well you seem to have a light source of some sort, because the engine wants you to rebuild your light, but I would check your light source anyway.

It’s all okay, my pc had a problem, it’s working now. But anyway, thanks for the answer:)