My map is asking me to retake the questionnaire, then locking me out, after being flagged for a promotional image that the incorrect appeal approved.

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Sorry for not having a reference id.

Summary: My map got flagged for an image and I appeals and the sanction was lifted. That created a bug with the flags that I fixed. Upon trying to republish it, it asked me to retake the questionnaire. As I was filling that out, was never an issue for weeks came out of no where, the questionnaire locked me out as I was submitting it.

The flag was working fine for weeks, not sure how the questionnaire has to do with a lifted sanction on an approved image, or how it could have potentially created a bug that had nothing to do with an online questionnaire.

Steps to Reproduce

If I try to republish the map, it automatically asks me to retake the questionnaire, the immediately locks me out.

Expected Result

I was merely republishing a fixed bug like I have been doing 6 times a day for the last 3 weeks.

Observed Result

When trying to retake the questionnaire, it says: Link code 3465-6602-0668 not found. Event Id=0d84706aa8db42efad1f6c4996e05e20


PC using the fortnite creative in game.

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Additional Notes

It was a timer this morning I tried to make “invisible” then I got flagged for an image ive been using all week. This has happened several times, each time the sanction was lifted so I have committed no offence. I was told by epic games support to reach out for help here. Thank you for your time.