My image in HUD is pixelised when he is far and normal when i zoom on it

Hello, i set images in unreal in progress bar for XP Health and Mana, in game and when i watch globaly my widget blueprint he is pixelised but he is not pixelised when i zoom on it in widget Blueprint as he is basicly.

In my logic when an image is pixelised and when i unzoom it have to look better but in unreal this is not the case.
How to remediate it ?

My images is 4k.

It’s not pixellated really is it? It’s more like a hard edge around the image. You need to sort that out in your image application before exporting it. Instead of cutting out the image with a sharp line, it needs to be ‘feathered’ around the edge.

You need to make the UI graphics match the pixel size of the UI widget, the pixels need to match 1:1 to how you are going to have them on screen, otherwise it’s not going to look clean.

It’s because i zoom on it, in game it’s not cool.

The size on widget is 47x47 when i put the images from 4k to 47x47 it’s the same thing