My IDetailCustomization broke the Transform category

I’m trying to add some buttons and custom info to the details panel.

As a first test, I created a custom IDetailCustomization that added a button into the “Transform” category. It worked but it removed (hid?) the Location, Rotation and Scale properties from the details panel. Which lead me to the conclusion I shouldn’t mess with existing categories yet.

So, I modified my IDetailCustomization to create a new category instead of using an existing one, and add my button to it. Once again, it worked! But the transform properties haven’t come back.

void FECMADetailCustomization::CustomizeDetails(IDetailLayoutBuilder & DetailBuilder)
	IDetailCategoryBuilder& Category = DetailBuilder.EditCategory("ECMA", FText::FromString("ECMA"), ECategoryPriority::Variable);

	Category.AddCustomRow(LOCTEXT("RowSearchName", "TestButton"))
			.Text(LOCTEXT("DetailName", "Click Me -->"))
			.Text(LOCTEXT("ButtonText", "CLICK HERE!!"))
			.ToolTipText(LOCTEXT("ButtonTooltip", "Click and see ;)"))

And this is how I register the DetailCustomization:

void FECMADetailsModule::StartupModule()
	UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("ECMA Module Startup"));

	UE_LOG(LogTemp, Error, TEXT("ECMA Module WITH_EDITOR"));
	FPropertyEditorModule& PropertyModule = FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked<FPropertyEditorModule>("PropertyEditor");
	PropertyModule.RegisterCustomClassLayout("Actor", FOnGetDetailCustomizationInstance::CreateStatic(&FECMADetailCustomization::MakeInstance));

I already tried cleaning the project and rebuilding.