My game does not launch

hello,I wanted to run a game under unrealengine when suddenly it shows me this LowLevelFatalError [File:Unkown] [Line: 258]
Direct3DDevice-> CreateComputeShader((void*)CodePtr, CodeSize,
nullptr, Shader->Resource.GetInitRefrence0) failed
with error E_INVALIDARG

can someone please help me

is this issue has been resolved? i also have the same problem

Greetings and thank you for posting.

I have found your error is also referenced in the documentation. This may be related to your GPU. GPU Crashes

I hope this assists you.

Hah, that is odd.
CreateComputeShader file D3D11Shaders.cpp exists on line 258 in UE5 , not UE4, where it is line 356. This is not a GPU crash btw, I don’t see any solution in that UE5 documentation. Just another UE oddity.

*Since the line numbers match method names in the same files but different engine versions… that is probably a clue. are you migrating from A to B? somehow mixing them up? cache? It’s a guess.

*You should probably post more of the log, because there will be more info to trace.