My foliage appears on a wrong side of my terrain

I’ve made a terrain using one material, which displays correctly (on the upper side of the terrain). But when I try to plant grass using foliage tools the grass appear on the opposite (bottom) side of the terrain.

Hi Moonmana2,

Are you using any wind effects on your foliage? Additionally, what settings are you using in your foliage settings?

no wind, default settings

Does this occur with starter content? For instance, if you create a flat plane landscape and use one of the starter content objects (for instance, Shape_Cube) without changing any foliage settings, does this still occur?

Can you show me a screenshot of your foliage settings to see what could have occurred?

I firgured out that everything ok with my terrain and the problem is in the foliage. When I try to use another meshes as foliage everything works fine. Any ideas what setting of the foliage can cause such effect? Where and what to check?

Hi Moonmana2,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information. Thank you.

I have no idea what is foliage settings and where to find it. I can say, I have imported the foliage from ‘effects cave’ demo scene. Other foilige works fine. So it is not very important. Just wanted to ask if there are some settings, which can affect this and where to check these settings

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Hi Moonmana2,

If you look at the “Modes” section of your editor, you should see an image that looks like a tree branch/stem with leaves. This is the foliage mode. The images below show where the foliage mode is as well as the two settings lists I need to see: