My fast experiment with UE5 and 1 mil hairs on 3080

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More videos(not Shorts) here -

This is my little experiment especially for Simon Chukov
At first we both wondered how 4million hairs would work in UE5 on my 3080 and his 3090 =) That is the number of hairs without optimization as I rendered them in 3ds Max and got this result -

ARTWORKGrooming for dog. Ornatrix (2019)by CG Groomer |Open✔️| Andrew Krivulya

But in Unreal 5, unfortunately, these 4mln give 4-8 fps =) So I decided to optimize them a bit to 1 million. As a result, I have at 3080 - is 20-30 fps. Which is good enough to work for cinematics.
It’s just an experiment for fun. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it, finish the ears and optimize it even more, or maybe I’ll figure out how to render those 4 million with normal fps =) I didn’t have much time for this experiment. Just allocated a whole Saturday.
I got the scene from the free Assets in Unreal MarketPlace. Here’s a link to it Medieval Game Environment in Environments - UE Marketplace
Another video, not Shorts - can be seen here on Artstation -
Maybe later I’ll record a separate video with commentary =) And maybe we’ll show this scene at 3090 on Simon’s stream =)
I still do not fully understand how to achieve the same result as on my rendering + also some kind of terrible problem with the eyes… shader does not want to be displayed… Anyway, it’s a lot of work =) And this is just an experiment =) so take it that way =)
What will happen next? Time will tell.
In the meantime, I want to finish the hairstyle for Samir Mir General =-) And post a full tutorial =)

Sorry, I can’t upload these videos here… =(