My custom mesh wont import correctly

I made a static mesh in Blender and imported it to UE4 as a .fbx, but half the faces are missing only in UE4. Why?

You need to add some sort of thickness to the model in blender and that should do it you could also make the material two sided. Hope this helps

Hi, have you checked that your normals are correct? Because Blender sometimes inverts them, so do you see the faces in unreal engine when you view the mesh from a different angle?

Select the all faces in blender → Alt + N → Recalculate Outside, if that does not work select the inverted faces → Alt + N → Flip

And when turning a plane in blender into 3d you can either use the “Solidify” Modifier (then the normals won’t get inverted), or check every time that the normals are correct. So in edit mode you can click on overlay, and the red faces have their normals pointed inside.

Yes, it appears that the normals are inverted since I can view some faces from inside the gun but not outside. How would I go about fixing the normals? I never bothered to learn how in Blender 2.8.