My character mesh disappears when I'm close to it, even tho I'm not that close

basically the title describes it all… when i go close, it disappears.

As far as I know this isn’t a bug, the camera has no collision therefore it starts clipping through the mesh causing it to disappear.

Best Regards, NijoMeisteR!

As NijoMeister said, this isn’t a bug. It’s actually the near clip plane coming into play. Whenever geometry comes within a certain distance from the view camera, you get that clipping effect you are seeing.

You can change the near clip plane distance in your project settings, or with a console command at run-time, but be wary with the values you set because the lower the near clip plane distance, the stranger clipping results you will see. And don’t ever set it to 0 or the whole world will be clipped and it messes up the viewport to the point you can’t do anything in it. Personally, I’ve only ever lowered it to about 5 and I find that works pretty well for both run-time and the editor. And what that value means is simply how many units in front of the view camera to start clipping from.

See the attached images for the two ways to change it.

Note: Changing the value in the project settings requires you to restart the editor before it takes effect, just fyi

  1. Adjusting the near clip plane from the project settings. Go to Edit->Project Settings->General Settings to find it

  1. Adjusting the near clip plane at run-time. On BeginPlay in the game mode, character, or whatever, execute the below console command and give it whatever float value you want.

Hope that helps!

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