My character is 1 meter above ground

This problem is with the HTC Vive

in 4.10.1, in VR preview or even in a compiled version, my character is 1 meter above ground.

If I don’t use the VR mode, everything is ok.

I don’t have this pb in 4.11 but the headset tracking is not working so I can’t use it either!

Any solution?

Are you using seated or standing mode? Did you set this value as you tracking space?

I’m in standing mode using room scale. Where do I set this value?

Since you are using standing mode, you also want to make sure your camera is at 0,0,0 - not at the head where it’s typically placed for seated mode (or Oculus Rift).

Tom Looman just posted a great guide on working with the Vive in UE4. Be sure to check it out:

Thanks NobleSpoon, I’m gonna have a look!

I have the same problems too. And I try a lot method but failed 。

Has somebody solved this problem?Please tell me how to solve。

Thank you.

The camera root is your play space center on the ground so make sure your camera is located at floor level in the pawn.

Here’s a clip that explains exactly how to make this work.