My ceiling lamp don't cast shadow & others strange behaviours,


I can’t get what I want,
I tested a wide variety of flags/options without success.

In the first screenshot, after building lights:
the ceiling lamp Material ID0 isn’t well shaded,
the ceiling lamp Material ID1 don’t cast shadow.

In the second screenshot, I move the light:
the ceiling lamp Material ID0 is well shaded,
but the lighting must be rebuilt…

The point light is in the middle of the bulb light, static light, the object is duplicated several times in the final scene,

The lamp ceiling object, with 2 materials,

The Material ID0, the lamp bulb who simulate the emissive light,

The Material ID1, the body lamp, who is made of metal, opaque,

What I would like to have:
The Emissive Material ID0 act like in the second screenshot,
and the Opaque Material ID1 cast shadows.

If you could enlighten me :slight_smile:
Thanks !


Thanks ZacD, it work like a charm.

I will watch for the blueprint creation, it seem to be a good solution.