My camera makes a weird trail effect when I move it arround. Why?

I encountered a weird camera effect that makes my character leave like a little trail (like a drunk effect), It happens whenever I move the camera, (It’s a 3rd Person game). Thanks.

Is motion blur enabled in your post process volume? If you don’t have a PPV then add one, set it to Unbound/Infinite, check motion blur amount, set value to 0. If that’s not it then it could be the AA method. Temporal AA is softer but can ghost on certain materials. Try FXAA in your project settings.

For me, it was the Anti Aliasing being set to Temporal. Changing it to FXAA, like you said fixed it. Thank you.
For those that don’t know how to change it. It’s in the project settings. Just search for “Anti-Aliasing Method” and you should find it.

For anyone looking to fix trail effect in cinematic rendering who needs TSR enabled (clarity suffers with FXAA), adding a .1 second delay before each frame will also fix it.

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