My blog, about unrealscript tutorials, work in progress.

So I have here created a blog feel free to check you can get the good or the wrong ideas on how to get a horse working or a countdown timer, I hope it can help I doubt it though. Also there is UE4 stuff. You won’t find it in google idk why. I wish it was there though.

reference Romero Unrealscript. Rip off try to be off it.

Thank you mate.
By the way, I have 2 cats(twins) that are exact copy of yours but with slightly yellow eyes :smiley:

Thanks Neongho

I will for sure take a look at your new blog, any knowledge is good and important.

I also have a micro blog here on which I give some basic info on how I am creating my game, step by step (it is more kinda making off):

About your blog not appearing on google, dont worry, it takes sometime until google can index it on search results.

Search on google for Palestine Resistance Game and you will see my game appearing on top (I am web designer, developer, and I know google’s secrets :D)

Cheers and good luck!

Thanks for the info morale++ and I hope my blog helps the timer count down can be really helpful to you I can post it straight away if I have not…