My AI stop moving! Pls Help

hey Heroforce20,

is “IsChasing!” true or false by default?

Hello Rene, the default for the Ischasing is true

Hello all, I will be glad and appreciate it if anyone can solve my AI issues. I don’t know what causes my AI to stop moving, this has carried me for around two weeks now. I still can’t find any solution to help out. I wonder if there anyone here who can help me fix the issues or give me an assist on what to do to help my AI to work again. I will show you my Event “AI move to” and the picture of my AI in Nav mesh volume. Pls, do help me.

How is it stop: I think it was because I move all my objects, AI, static mesh and others to the top and that is where my AI stopped working.

Hey Heroforce20,

Looking at your code, there are a few things you want to make sure they work.


Does On See Pawn actually get triggered?

You can check this by adding a breakpoint.



The problem could be the cast.

I would add a print string to see if the cast fails.

Thanks, I will give it try. Have you had you a go moving all the mesh and the AI above the grid line for 20 cm. Trust me AI will stop working and I wanted to work above the grid line. is there any chance you can show me how I can do that. The gridline you see often in Unreal engine. here’s the screenshot of it. Pls, do help me make it work above the gridline.