My actor isnt spawning? c++

Hello, Ive just been adding some code and for some reason i get no errors but my actor isnt spawning?

I want my actor to spawn at my loot spawner actor but it isn’t doing anything?




SpawnActor does not guaranty actor spawn, for example if there no space to spawn it will fail, thats why it got bool return if it success. As Pierdek said try debugging, try breakpointing if spawn actully gets called and check location input

Why don’t you use debugger? You have whole engine code:

Check if SpawnLocation/SpawnRotation is good? Check what SpawnActor do…

And if you want log if SpawnActor failed, you can use


Put this config file entry to DefaultEngine.ini in your game module.

Oh its ok now, apparently it created a slot in the blueprint and it was set to spawn none by default and i changed it to spawn my object. But thats for the response anyway :slight_smile: