my 3 walls cast 3 different lighting

hi, i need help with my rendering, i am wondering why my 3 walls are in different shadow. my goal is to be similar with the darkest one. the one on the left. so how do i make the 3 walls in same shading?


They’re not going to look the same since they’re not facing the same direction

is there anyway to improve it? to make it match with the one on the left?

oh yes

  • first of all go to you light property (direct light I supposed) and play with Indirect Light Intensity, and Shadow parameters below.
  • Then go to Settings -> World settings and play with Lightmass parameters

My advice is try to hide textures or just create a simple room aide with flat walls and have a look at the light behaviour.

No, again, the walls are angled differently which will cause different shading on them and they’re not going to look the same unless you don’t have any lighting at all

Place a post process volume over the other two walls and adjust the lighting settings in it to render those similar to the one on the left. It may result in an approximation of having the same shading, and not exactly the same, yet it may also work well. To correct for the approximation, place a PPV over the one on the left and change its settings for lighting so they’re closer to identical or are more accurately the same.