My 2 cents worth

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got 2 cents stuck on my account that I can’t spend anywhere from back when Epic gave us all 30$ :slight_smile:

How about we nominate a charity and all dump our 2c in one big donation to it?

Before I got to the end I just started laughing, cuz this thread was so simple and hilarious and then I got to the end and was like OMG he’s right O__o
Let’s do it! I’m totally in to donate my 2 cents! :smiley:

Good idea :smiley: I’m in!

gave $30? guess that was before my time.

Epic: give me $30 so I can donate my 2 cents as well! :cool:

It would of course require the guys at epic to make an option to do such a thing possible…

Seems like a nice communityish thing to do though :slight_smile: