Muzzle flash rotates in weird ways


I am working on my first project in Unreal for university and I am close to the deadline.
While I could figure out most on my own by watching a lot of tutorials, I still cant fix this issue.

The muzzle flash (taken from the Paragon Twinblast pack) looks really weird depending on how I turn the camera. Here is a short video:

I have already tried to fix this problem a few weeks ago. The only thing I achieved was that Ive fixed the weird turning, but then the muzzle flash didnt move with the weapon anymore. When I was shooting while moving, I could see the particle effect staying in the air where I was moving before.
It looked like this:
(Left side without using local space, right side with using local space)

I hope someone has an idea. Maybe I am just missing an option.

@pr0tal actually it doesn’t look that weird. I assume you’re referring to a slight lag between the muzzle and particle system?

I think possibly you’re spawning the particle at the end of the gun, but then it will play out at that position after you continue turning.

make the gun a blueprint and include the particle as a component which is parented by the gun. That way it always moves with gun…