Mutator Zone / Elimination Manager activation bug

Hi there! I’m trying to use a combination of Elimination Manager + Mutator Zone + Timer in order to prevent a player who has recently eliminated anyone from attacking. But it doesn’t work.

It should work like so:

  • A player eliminates another.
  • The Elimination Manager registers the elimination.
  • The Mutator Zone activates and changes its class/team to the one of the player who made the elimination.
  • The 10s timer activates.
  • Once the 10s timer it’s completed, it disables the Mutator Zone and resets in order to be ready to activate again when needed.

But it doesn’t. The timer doesn’t even activate. Leaving you config screenshots of the three devices to check if it’s failure, or if it’s a bug.

Hey, I’m sorry but I didn’t understand everything you said.

But, the first thing that comes to my mind is that, Mutator Zones are Zones so they should affect everyone in it.

Second thing I can think of is that Mutator Zones trigger when player enters, so if they’re already in it I’m not sure it will work, you can try disabling/enabling, maybe it works :person_shrugging:

Also, I see your mutator “Selected Team” setting is set to Any, but you change the index in Verse, maybe set it to some Team Index from the beginning (even put any non existent team)

Hope it helps

Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here: Fortnite Creative

Sent! Thanks in advance!


The zones are set so they only affect a certain class/team. The disabling/enabling via the elimination manager isn’t working, we want to just affect players inside, so the on enter / on exit isn’t an option :frowning:

That’s a cool one, thanks for pointint it out. We are trying to work with just that on verse, playing around the team indexes right now. Works on a smaller scale but bugs when bringing the solution to the map.

Sent a report, hope they can solve it. Will keep u updated in case u find the same issue later down the road.

My best guess, try to solve it yourself, some bugs might be resolved fast but some might take months. But it’s your choice!