Musical Virtual Band Project

Hello all !

I’m gathering a team to create video musical clips and why not, you could create a market place tool kit to make easier the process.
This is my demo made with Sequencer on 4.23 and 4.24 preview.

I list below the Market Place packs I used and the issues I experimented.

My idea is to create a virtual band to have for each video a little story with an intro with film original music, then the song and a happy end . With jokes , cartoon spirit, visual effects , etc !
We could create original characters; the bassist, the drummer, the singers, the keyboard player etc. and develop their magical story ! Using that kind of technology to make the singers sing:

I need help cause I want to focus on music composition. I need character creators to create the musicians. I need animators to create the dances and music player animations. I need a special effect guy for particles effects. And why not a developer to do a Kit to manage the synchro animations just entering the BPM of music. Tell me what you think of that !

If you are interested please add F1lou on your friends list in Epic Launcher or contact [EMAIL=“”] and…I’m not against a direct support by Epic Games !

Issues I experimented on sequencer 4.23 and 4.24 preview

-I had to create BPs for the guitars players and add the microphones to singers. Cause attaching directly on skeleton bone with skeletal meshes characters works fine in play Editor, but not in rendering. The objects are detached in rendering and also on external editor Play simulator. I’m not alone to reported that.…s-in-sequencer

Packs I used:

Free assets:

Payed assets on UE4 Market:

No one ? :slight_smile: