Multisphere Trace Going Through Walls and Not Producing a Impact Point

Hey guys. So I am trying to make a grenade system work - throw a grenade, after a small delay it knocks everything back, at the moment I am not focusing on the damage aspect just yet, just more the knockback. I initially added a radial impulse, which unfortunately went through walls so I decided to do a multisphere trace, the problem here is that it still seems to be going through walls. I then decided to do a linetrace starting from the grenade to the “location” and “impact point” both of which did not produce a linetrace at all. So I decided to do “Normal” and “Impact Normal” both of these produced a single line trace that went straight to the floor for some reason. I then did a line trace ending at the world location of the component hit which did produce a line trace to all of the objects within the multisphere radius but it did not produce a “hit” result from any of the objects, aside from the walls. 
I have the walls set to block all and everything else is set to overlap so it can hit objects - such as players - that are behind other objects, to prevent a player using another player as a human shield, I want them all to be knocked back. I tried using the “initial overlap” on the break hit result to give a branch and if true would add the impulse but that did not work either.
Is there something I am missing here? because it seems like the line traces are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, or what you would logically think they should do.

As well as this is adding an impulse the right way to go? Because if the radial impulse can go through walls, can the impulse I am adding also go through walls?, as well as this, the impulse will not accept an actor reference, meaning my player does not get pushed back by the impulse.

Okay so I’ve got it mostly working. I swapped a few bits out and now it sends out a line trace and on anything it hits will add an impulse to it, however I have a new problem. I want it obviously to be sent flying in a direction away from the object.
Adding an impulse at the location of the grenade itself will actually not do anything in terms of giving it a direction, everything seems to just jump upwards into the air slightly. Adding it onto the impact point also does not seem to do the trick either and again it all seems to jump upwards slightly. If the linetrace was going through the player character I would just simply get my rotation and add the impact in the direction I was facing, however since this is a grenade and not based on rotation I was wondering if there was a way to get my “Trace Start” and “Trace End”/“Impact Point” and find a forward vector this way, therefore applying velocity in the direction I want? I also realised I forgot to attach my script, assuming you can see the attachment names “Script 1” was from my original post and “Script 2” is where I am at currently.
Thanks :slight_smile: