Multisphere trace for object - wrong results on CharacterMesh


I use the Third Person template and follow all the Startup guide for Behavior Tree.

In one of those step you are using the Multisphere trace to get all “Pawn” available within the radius

The issue is that if you look at the result, instead of having 2 “hit” (Capsule Component and Character Mesh component), you have a lot of Character mesh hits.

We should not have multiple time the same components.

For any reason, the Character Mesh components is hit multiple times during the sweep.

If you set the Character Mesh with “no colision”, the Sphere Trace is working as expected and just hit ONCE the colision component.

Another scenario to see the side effect of this issue is to:

  • add another “pawn” object between you an the AI Character.
  • on this 2nd Pawn, set the character mesh colision to “no colision” so only the capsule will reac to the trace
  • If you look at the sphere trace the 1st Player Character Mesh is hit multiple time before and after the 2nd character colision.

I hope you can repro this on your side and provide a fix.



have you been able to reproduce this bug?


I have exactly the same problem, the multisphere is returning 42 hits on my character with a 100 cm range, one of which is the collider, all others are CharacterMesh0 of the OWNING actor, even if I set “ignore self” in the multisphere trace. If I use range of 1, it then returns 4 hits. So it looks like it’s colliding with each polygon of the character??

I need a solution for this problem.

The only solution I found at the moment is to set all Skeletal meshes of my character to “No Collision”, while the Capsule Component is “Collision” “Pawn”, the Multisphere then returns only the collider cylinder as result. My other tests are unsuccessfull for now.

I raised a bug request for this without any anwser. So I bet it’s working or they will sort it out. I have no clue.
Until then, try to find a way to filter the outputs to get the result that you want.

yes this is a part of the solution.
My issue was more that I had the same “collision hit” before and after another collision. And between the 2 components there was like 300u . So I wasn’t able to use the Hit Sort output to check the first “hit”. I had to clean that first in order to get the hit that I wanted.
If you follow the tutorial, you will have this issue until they fix something,