MultiScreen for your games and applications. Adjust the position and size of the screen as you like.
Plugin converts up to 8 cameras or your actor output into customizable widget displays during runtime.

Marketplace link:Link
**Preview: **Youtube
Support doc: Link


  • You can adjust the position and size of the viewport
  • All settings using the widget and blueprints
  • Using SplitScreen
  • Easy screen settings
  • Customizable widget displays
  • Working Runtime and Editor
  • Dynamic change size and position screen


  • Maximum screens (recommended) - 8 screens.
  • If you add more than 8 screens, objects or symbols may disappear, not visible widget in screen, but all screens working.
  • Screen space coordinates for each individual screen, screens touch and mouse inputs not working for all screens, only for one screen(If you can do this in a normal splitscreen, then this plugin will do it.). Widget working for all screens input.
  • If you dynamically change the screens using animation, there may be a drawdown of frames on video cards of previous generations(solution when animation using console command r.ScreenPercentage 70 and r.TemporalAA.Upsampling 1. When animation end r.ScreenPercentage 100) or using DLSS in 4.25 and 4.26.

Technical Details:
Number of Blueprints: 3 Widgets, 2 Actors
Code Modules: MultiScreen (Runtime)
Documentation: Link
Number of C++ Classes:1
Network Replicated: (No)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64, Win32, Mac, Android, Linux


Hi! I was recently asked an interesting question.

I checked sequencer and this plugin. I figured out how to circumvent the sequencer’s limitations.
This example Avi and Jpeg 7680x720 px. 10000x720 px.…1N?usp=sharing
I tested sequencer. I was able to start rendering Maximal Resolution 16384x10000px for example.
If you are interested in the plugin. Tell me and I’ll record a video tutorial on how to render 10000x720 and bypass the sequencer restrictions.

Here’s a quick lesson on how to circumvent restrictions sequencer in 7680px

  1. Open Map Example
    2.Open Widget UMG_MultiScreen and change size 10000 and 720 for widget panel
  2. Change Size and Position for screens.
    4.Change Width and Height for widget
  3. SequencerSettings (Separate Process, and command -RESX=10000 -RESY=720
  4. Result…1N?usp=sharing

Hi ElizzaRF
I maked a movie with a resolution 11500/1400, all is ok except one thing, i have 4 cameras but 2 of them don’t show shadows, all four cameras have the same settings, can you help me, thank you.


Please tell me, your engine version?
Look please this solution.
Try change settings in engine. Shadow -> Epic

It’s working now!!
Thank’s a lot

Excelent :slight_smile:

Hi ElizzaRF

I have two questions again if it’s possible.
1/ How to make disappear “screen1” “screen2” etc when i calculate my movie?
2/ I make a movie with 114321324 resolution, when i calculate my movie with “RenderMovie” , my image size is 114321324 but my render is reduced inside this image and a part of this image is black, i tried several things but now i don’t know what to do. (i already checked you tutorial above about the settings for obtain a hight resolution)

Thank you

I found for delete “screen1” screen2"… but nothing about my resolution problem:)

Hi, **Pixxyz! **
Movie Render pipeline has a limitation, for some reason it does not render all cameras. (I need to find a solution to fix this.)

Workaround using a sequencer.

SequencerSettings (Separate Process, and command -RESX=11432 -RESY=1324


Hi ElizzaRF
Unfortunately it’s exactly what i did but i can’t obtain a full image like my exemple above, i think my settings are wrong in my UMG_MultiScreen, i’m going to try to looking for a solution.
Thanks a lot

I redid the process in the same way and now it’s good:)
Thank you for your plugin, it’s very useful

I am glad that you found the plugin useful. If you are using this plugin for rendering, I also remind you that with version 4.26, you will be able to use raytracing. This is for the future. :slight_smile:

How can I get the two split screens back into one?

Hi, zzang521004!
I will check how to do it and write to you.
For now, a temporary solution is to use a single-screen transition animation. You can do this in one frame, for example 1 frame -> you have two screens.
And on the second frame, you change the size of the second screen to size 0.0, and the first screen will increase in size twice so that it occupies the entire area.
Tell me, is this solution enough for you?

NEWS 02/10/2020. The new update adds support the anchor for screen of the minimum (9 pieces).

Amazing looking plugin. Is it possible to distribute the screens onto different hardware outputs? (Monitors etc.). And can we have cloned screens, I need the same screen 2x but only one with overlaid UI elements, the copy clean.

Hi, **VKleinMP! **Thank you for your kind words!

I think you need to try to implement your ideas, if you do not fit the plugin, write to me, I will make a refund through the store.

You can’t create several separate windows, so that for example one window works on one monitor, another window works on another monitor.

But you can try to create one window, and divide it for example by the aspect ratio of 50%, and if your monitors are the same in resolution in general, you could divide this one window into two monitors, and already use widgets to assign different screens in it.

Please read a similar question below. If you don’t have this working, please let me know.

But unfortunately this plugin doesn’t work like this one MultiWindows4UE4(Multi-Monitor Support) in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace


If you have any problems with the position of the windows.
Take the following steps.

  1. Open Blueprints/Actor/BP_MultiScreenActor and change code
  2. Open Blueprints/Widget/UMG_MultiScreen and added links in WindowsLocationAndSize

    I will fix this in future updates.

NEWS 08.19.2021.
I sent the corrected versions 4.25, 4.26 and added version for 4.27.
They contain a fix of an old problem, because of which I had to do additional actions for the multiscreen to work.

Hi ElizzaRF
How to use Movie Render Queue with Multiscreen, i have 4 animated cameras in sequencer, but only perspective view is rendering.
Thank you