Multiply nodes seem to not work


I am working on a colour masking prototype and I have run into an issue:

It seems like the same problem arises with all the Multiply nodes. Here I am working with non-1-nor-0 channels (specifically with channels at 0, 0.5 and 1 values), so at that node I need no convert all non-0 values to 1 (which means, 0.5 to 1 and 1 unchanged). So I tried a simple remapping by multiplying by 2 and then clamping between 0 and 1, but… it seems like the Multiply node doesn’t change anything! I have been looking closely to the colours and yes, it seems like it is the Multiply node, and not the Clamp node, which doesn’t work as intended.

Just to further detail the setup, in each arc of dots all of them have a value of 1 except those at both ends, which have the value of 0.5. As far as I know, colour combinations are defined in the RGB colour space as the sum of both colours “at its sides” in the colour wheel, then reducing the new values to the range 0-1 preserving the channel proportions. This is obvious with secondary colours, but beyond them this becomes a little trickier (we cannot plug in ones here and there to get our colours). So orange, for instance, a tertiary colour composed of red (primary) and yellow (secondary) would be obtained by doing the following:

  1. We add both colours: Red (1,0,0) + Yellow (1,1,0) = Out-of-range orange (2,1,0)
  2. We remap the colour to the range 0-1, always preserving the proportions between the channels by dividing by the highest value: (2,1,0) / 2 = Orange (1,0.5,0) (Here is our 0.5!)

I hope this helps to clarify my nodes :).

I have been testing a few posible solutions and looking it up on the internet, but I had no luck. Any insights on this?

EDIT: I already posted this question inside another thread, but I decided to create a new one since that first thread was not discussing this.