Multiplplayer respawn pawn can't work,Controller and character Can't Fire Any Action

I find the multiplayer session blueprint in MultiplayerShootout Project.
But the spawned Pawn can’t move or other action…I cant find the problem.Please Help Me!

I’m having this issue right now. The client controls the camera but can not move the pawn with WASD. even with GameInput Mode Only. Has this been resolved?

Your setup is right. Since I can’t see what you connected into the Owner node I can’t see the problem.

I attach you my respawn setup: the input node is a character inherit class reference, the controller can be Player or AI and is in the Game Mode (that should manage respawn):

P.S: The IsValid nodes are only by convention and ignore the Interface message

What about replication? For a multiplayer game the PlayerDeath event needs replication?