Multiple UVs, Single Texture, Single Object?


I currently have a mesh which has a few small pieces that have a 3rd UV channel. This 3rd channel has those pieces moved to a different position in the 1-1 UV space, so I have a two different appearances for these small pieces located in two different positions on the same texture. What I thought I could make work by lerping two different TexCoord nodes, turns out it doesn’t work that way. Since only a few small parts of the entire mesh have a 3rd UV channel, the rest of the mesh appears completely black when previewing the texcoord node, and none of the textures display correctly in those black areas. If I try to lerp it, using a mask for only these small pieces, then the results are the same, I can’t combine multiple UV channel TexCoords into one.

Basically I’m trying to get part of a mesh to use the 3rd UV channel for its texture, rather than the entire object. The problem is I already have over 30 texture samples, so duplicating them all for one set to have a 3rd UV and one to have first and then mask all that would be pretty undesirable. The whole UV channel is confusing how it functions.

Problem solved! I had my texcoords plugged in the wrong way round in the lerp node like an idiot. Switching them around fixes this, can use different UVs for these small parts now!